How Is The Gynecomastia Surgery Performed?


Gynecomastia Surgery Also known as male breast reduction surgery, the primary goal of gynecomastia is to reduce the size of overly large male breasts. There are different reduction methods employed to perform this surgery including liposuction, cutting excess glandular tissue or combination of excision and liposuction. We, at COSMECTO, understand that it is an intricate procedure and should be performed only be experienced and trained cosmetic surgeons. We are associated with several cosmetic surgeons in Delhi who can perform male chest reduction surgery safely ensuring excellent results.

How is the Gynecomastia surgery performed?

The main goal of this surgery is to correct deformities of nipple, areola or breast and restore a normal appearing male breast contour. Surgical options are excision; liposuction or the combination of both technique glandular breast tissues is much denser then fatty tissue and thus are not apt for liposuction.

A. The choice of surgical method and approach depends on the possibility of skin redundancy after undergoing the surgery. Shrinkage of skin is grater in young men than older.

B. The intra-areolar approach is the most commonly used method or Webster incision that extends along the circumference of the bottom half part of the areola in the pigmented area.

C. The length of the incision made depends on the anatomy of a patient’s body.For more information Visit Personiks to know more about the treatment and Gynaecomastia cost  in Hyderabad.

D. In severe cases of gynecomastia, skin resection that is surgically removing a part of a structure or organ has to be done. Also, moving the nipple might be necessary.

E. Minimally invasive procedures have gained immense popularity in recent years. In the pull-through method, a very small sized incision is made at the edge of areolar. After liposuction, the glandular tissue from the overlying areola part is pulled through this incision. The main advantage of this type of incision is a smaller size of incision. This method is, however, used for selective patients.

F. Ultrasonic liposuction has greatly improved the results of male breast reduction correction. In liposuction assisted gynecomastia surgery, there is relatively less compromise of blood supply, areola slough and nipple distortion. Also, there are fewer postoperative complications compared to open surgical resection. However, this method is not effective for correcting glandular type of gynecomastia.

What should I expect during my gynecomastia surgery recovery?

Immediately after the procedure:

A. Patient can expect to be bandaged and wearing a compression garment. Also, you might have a surgical drain.For more details on Gynaecomastia procedure check Cidoc2015

B. It is important to know that first three days after the surgery are critical in recovery. You should take complete rest, however it is not necessary that you should be in bed. You can sit and watch television and have meals in living room.

C. Movements of the elbow and waist are allowed; however make sure you avoid vigorous shoulder movements for the first few days. Usually, lateral movements of arms is allowed, however avoid lifting your arm vertically. There are different variables; your plastic surgeon would brief you about the same.

When the effect of anaesthesia wears off, you might feel pain and discomfort. In case you experience long-lasting and extreme pain, inform your physician. Also, there will be swelling and redness after the procedure. Consult the surgeon to know if your swelling, redness and pain are normal or a sign of some problem.