4 Benefits Of Keeping WordPress Updated

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In the wave of content which is characterising the marketing methods of companies around the world, WordPress sites are key to the way in which we are able to produce and consume blog and video content.

For all the fancy plug-ins and themes that you can incorporate into your WordPress sites in the modern day, there is one area of maintenance which admins might overlook – but it is vitally important.

That’s updating your WordPress to make sure you are running the latest versions at all times, and in this blog we look at the benefits of doing so.To know more info check Digital Marketing company in Hyderabad.

Why keeping WordPress updated is important

1. New features

Quite simply, if you aren’t updating, you are missing out. There is a raft of new features in every big WordPress release, from faster processes to new capabilities such as inline image editing.

Those who neglect to update and stick with running an older version are only doing themselves a disservice.

When it comes to discussing WordPress features with fellow users online, it can be assumed that you are using the latest version, which is another reason to update.

2. Fix bugs

As with many software packages, inevitably bugs sometimes creep into WordPress, and this is often a reason behind some of the minor releases which are put out.

In many cases, advice for fixing a big will be simple – update to the latest WordPress version.For Best Website  development services in Hyderabad visit Vivid Design Consultancy.

3. Security

In order to snuff out potential vulnerabilities before they even begin, not to mention malicious activities from unknown parties such as hackers,

Updating your WordPress will provide you with a version which covers many of the vulnerabilities which might have been present in older versions.

4. Responsiveness

From your back end activities as an administrator to customers who visit your site, you can ensure the experience is as smooth as possible by giving yourself the benefit of the speed improvements often made in the latest WordPress versions.

Speed has a say in everything from user experience to search engine optimisation, so ensure that you give yourself the best conditions by updating your WordPress.To know more information on SEO Services visit Ksd-media

Best 10 Ways To Tell People About Your Black Friday Deals



Some of us wait all year for the Black Friday shopping season, our heads filled with the promise of scoring the best price of the year on a new TV, tablet, printer, or high-tech gadget.

But don’t let all the Black Friday hype fool you. You might end up overpaying if you get taken in by so-so prices masquerading as fantastic bargains, and you can miss out on great deals if you don’t do your research.

No worries—Consumer Reports has been tracking Black Friday deals for years, and we know all the tricks. Our top 10 Black Friday shopping tips will help you to get the best deal on the items you want and keep frustration—and overspending—to a minimum.

The final three tips apply specifically to TVs, which offer some of the best deals at this time of year. For Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad check Vivid Digital.

As usual, we’ll be tracking the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals we find on multiple product categories, including televisions, laptops, smartphones, large and small appliances, and mattresses, so check back for all our holiday deals coverage.

Here are 10 ways to tell people about your Black Friday deals

1. Brand promotional items

You already have customers buying from you, so perhaps throw a branded item into their purchase that reminds them to check out your Black Friday deals.

Put the Black Friday date and your brand on a magnet, water bottle, pen or any other promotional item.

That way, every time they open the fridge, have a sip of water or write something down they will be reminded to shop with you come Black Friday.

2. Write a letter

People still love receiving and reading letters today… as long as they are not boring and irrelevant. Telling people about your Black Friday deals using some creative copywriting is sure to be well read.

Perhaps plan in advance to send physical letters to your database, slide fun postcards into postboxes in targeted areas or send an entertaining email to subscribers.

3. Send a text message

As long as you have received permission and included an opt-out option, then why not send a short and sweet text message telling people about your Black Friday deals?

4. Post on social media

You’ve got your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram profiles all set up, so use them! Again, don’t be boring!

Clearly and creatively communicate your Black Friday deals as you head towards the big day. If you have got some budget then you should definitely boost or sponsor your posts.

5. Pay for a radio ad

Yes, people still listen to the radio; if not in their car, at work or at home then definitely online. If you can afford it then grab some radio time.

Live reads work exceptionally well on Black Friday itself or at least for a few days before the big day.To know more information on SEO Services visit Icps2016

6. Take up some outdoor space

There are a number of outdoor advertising options where you can promote your Black Friday deals, and they’re definitely not all expensive.

Think about the areas you want to target and focus your marketing efforts on digital billboards, standard billboards, street pole ads, bus stops in those areas.

7. Update your website

The people who love your brand will undoubtedly go to your website to check if you have anything awesome planned for Black Friday.

So make sure you have something on your homepage about your Black Friday deals, and you should even consider creating a separate landing page for Black Friday.

8. Invest in SEO

Spend a bit of time and money on improving your website’s SEO (search engine optimisation) score so that when the time comes for people to frantically search for Black Friday deals, your website will come up tops.

9. Advertise online

The advantage of advertising online is that it is usually more affordable than traditional advertising mediums. It also allows for highly targeted options. Love them or hate them, we’ve all seen Google Ads so we know they’re effective.

10. Try guerilla marketing

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, unconventional way to tell people about your Black Friday deals then brainstorm some guerilla marketing ideas. Say, for example, your store is in a busy mall (which it probably will be on Black Friday), then make sure every customer gets a huge branded bag with whatever they purchase on the day.

Pay additional people to walk around the mall with your bags, too, if you have to. Others will soon start to wonder what Black Friday deals people are getting at your store and they will hunt you down.

All the best with your Black Friday initiatives. Give some of these marketing ideas a try and let us know what did or did not work for you. And check out the other posts in our Black Friday series.

Best 7 Digital Marketing Strategies To Follow


Every Online business is incomplete without an effective digital marketing strategy. Website development is easy however, deployment of different digital marketing strategies is quite difficult. To make your online business attain a good market position, there is a need to follow a unique yet, master digital marketing strategy that provides an edge to your online business. Follow the given key points that will help it achieve a higher rank without much hassle.

List of strategies needed

Many new updates continue to take place. Google is quite dynamic. Keep up to date with the latest updates to get the good results and lead your business.

You can’t follow the old strategies and are expected to be on top every time. No! Here we came up with a list of the strategies that have been updated over time.

The element of Video marketing

Videos make tools for all visitors. It has grown rapidly and is the fastest way to promote your business. It predicted by 2019 that internet video traffic would make up a large part of all consumers’ internet traffic.For more information check SEO Company in London.

Use the updated Live Streaming features

Live streaming is another digital marketing strategy built on a daily basis. Many social media platforms have added a feature of the live stream as it is helpful to steer more audiences to your site.

The latest recording has shown many evidence that live videos should be active to the public and encourage them to attract your domain.

Artificial intelligence, a smart approach

Artificial intelligence can do anything you can’t. Chatbots are one of the most popular and implemented forms of AI. Using the human interaction approach, you can provide a solution that helps the audience gain confidence, leading to an increase in traffic. Also, to hire freelance cloud architect for implementing this could turn out be a plus point.

Put more valuable data

Knowledge is everywhere. But a shared and well-presented data can really make sense to the customers. Let’s say if you want to digitally market a piece of content containing “Skinny Yoked’s kratom strain comparison” the following information. Then there needs to be valuable data for the user.

If not that content isn’t worth and won’t work for online marketing. If you want to attract your customers effectively, don’t avoid the valuable and good data for your site to drive more traffic. As a channel with 2019 updates, you should not add value to your business by adding and submitting data.

Voice search, a trend feature

With technology working, everything is just a call from you. Voice search was primarily chosen by people. Thousands of people use this feature instead of writing something on Google.To know more details on SEO Services visit Iftr2015hyd

It saves a lot of time and makes it easy for them. Don’t forget to use this digital marketing strategy and keep your domain at the top of the Google search.

Uniqueness, Evergreen Success Mantra

People will only visit or consider your site if you are different from others. It is the evergreen success mantra in digital marketing that marketers place emphasis on opt.

Without the presence of uniqueness, you cannot expect good traffic and lead from the company. So make sure you are unique and exclusive to others.

Marketing Automation

It is about optimizing the work output to get the larger result from the existing one. This will reduce the recurring tasks and reduce your focus on creativity. One of the proven and unsurpassed market automation techniques is potential multi-channel customers.

The more you want to be customer-oriented, the more you will bring output to your business. So, marketing automation is all about finding out how well and efficiently you do any job.

Summing Up

The above analysis shows that the newly developed digital marketing strategies are more responsive, accurate, realistic, and authentic as well as analytical. All of these factors are useful for achieving customer trust.

If you follow each one, no one can stop you from being on top of the other company. As much as you will succeed in earning customer trust, the more you lead your business. What you need to do is go with the updated strategies.

Don’t Let Digital Marketing Mistakes Derail Your Business

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We live in a technology-driven world, and digital marketing has in many ways surpassed traditional channels. With consumers now turning to the internet for every question they have, it’s easy to understand why thoughtful digital marketing can make or break a business. Without it, any company is as good as dead in the water.

This necessitates not only the implementation of savvy tactics, but a knowledge of what pitfalls to avoid ahead of time. Here’s how to avoid the kinds of digital marketing mistakes that can derail your brand faster than a mouse click. For Digital Marketing company in Hyderabad visit Vivid Digital.

You’ll Never Reach Your Goals You Don’t Set

This might seem obvious, but it’s amazing how many brands out there look at digital marketing as something to just dip their toes into. Setting up a bunch of social media accounts and throwing a few hashtags out there with the hopes they’ll catch fire won’t provide much benefit if there’s not a clearly defined goal behind it.

Maybe that goal is increased traffic to the brand’s website or generating more potential leads through mobile. Whatever the case may be, measurable goals will help to establish a common connection with your audience and drive all future strategy.

Understand Your Audience’s Needs

It goes without saying that your customers are the lifeblood of your business, so failing to understand what they want will make any digital marketing efforts pointless. Even the most well-thought out and catchy campaign will fall flat if it doesn’t resonate with the intended consumer, or worse, misses the target audience altogether.For Best Website development services in Hyderabad visit Vivid Design Consultancy.

Everything from use of language in content to assessing how the hypothetical customer uses digital media should factor into your brand’s marketing approach. Take the time to dig into your audience analysis and find out what motivates them.

Churn Out Content With a Purpose

Internet users are constantly eating up content, but the content that gets shared and earns rankings love from Google has a real identity. Search-engine algorithms are constantly evolving, and it’s imperative that content be distinctive if it’s going to benefit a brand’s digital marketing efforts. Well-crafted content should say something that touches on your goals and offers something valuable to your intended audience.

Staying on top of trends and the competition is equally vital. Ask yourself, “Is now the right time to use this tactic to connect with my audience?” The answer may not always be yes. Keeping all this in mind as you craft content will result in more lead conversions, rather than it falling flat.

Track the ROI of Your Marketing Efforts

What your digital marketing ROI looks like is going to be different from other brands. What all businesses have in common, though, is the need to track their efforts to maximize yield.

Refining your SEO approach and using utilizing an AdWords strategy similar to PPC Pro may translate to actual leads, but understanding the data is key to maintaining that success.To know more info on SEO Services check Vci-india

What you don’t want to do is apply a “set it and forget it” approach to your digital campaigns. This doesn’t mean that everything must be checked and monitored every hour of the day, but regular observation and maintenance is necessary.

There’s no shortage of analytics tools out their to help, so don’t be scared to try different ones and determine what helps your business accrue maximum ROI.


Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad

A topic that is almost always being debating in today’s business community is whether or not they should manage their own social media campaigns. There are many companies out there who believe that their employees can properly maintain their social media accounts effectively while still handling their daily workload.

This isn’t usually the case and it tends to lead to a lot of time and valuable resources wasted. Those who believe that social media management should be outsourced often see greater results in less time and are given a much better return on their investment. For  SEO Company in Hyderabad visit Vivid Digital.

To put this plainly, some companies just don’t have the in-house knowledge that it takes to run a social media campaign effectively and they should seek a professional social media management firm.

There really isn’t right answer to this though; it really is up to the company itself and they should decide what is in their best interest and what their specific goals are when it comes to social media management.

Many new businesses don’t have the time or resources it takes to run a successful social media campaign so they should seek the kind of help that can give them more of a presence online.

Unlike many larger businesses who have dedicated employees who handle their social media accounts, the small businessman can’t afford the time it takes so a social media management firm is his best, if not only, option. For Top web development company in Hyderabad visit Vivid Design Consultancy.

Still, it doesn’t matter the size of the company or the lack of time or resources, what it comes down to is “does the person in charge of your social media accounts really know what they are doing?’

Just because an employee spends a lot of time online chatting on Facebook, doesn’t make them an expert. They don’t have the knowledge to properly lead a successful campaign nor do they have the passion that a true professional has. They do have a good understanding of the business itself and sometimes that can prove to be a benefit.

Outsourced social media managers have the passion and knowledge it takes to generate results, but they must have a good communication system in place with the company so their content is in-line with the company brand.

This can be difficult to both establish and maintain and it takes an experienced social media management firm to pull this off correctly. Choose one wisely and understand that your social media accounts will be in good hands and you will soon see remarkable results. To know more details on SEO Services check Vci-india

Deciding if your company needs a social media management firm to handle your social media accounts can be difficult, but, when in doubt, call on the professionals at Vivid Digital and let us show you what we can do for your brand today.

Twitter Announces ‘Project Lightning’


It seems that social media powerhouse Twitter is taking a fresh look at live events coverage. There latest “secret”, Project Lightning, is a secret no longer. Twitter has announced the photo-centric tool and will be releasing this new feature sometime later this year.

What Project Lightning does is it allows users to browse tweets based on live events. Project Lightning will be curated around live events and can include everything from major sporting events and music festivals to breaking news stories so we can watch as they unfold.

The app holds these events in a new menu that enables users to browse up to 10 curated events per day. For more details check SEO Services in London

This is no computer generated collection of events such as Twitter’s existing search tools; instead, live events content will be curated by a team of editors led by Twitter’s head of media, Katie Jacobs Stanton.

These live events will focus heavily on photos and video, with full-screen images and auto-playing videos, along with any tweets that are deemed relevant to the content.

Project Lightning won’t use a timeline interface, instead opting for a full-screen format, with each tweet, photo and video displayed one at a time in chronological order. This makes it easier for users to swipe through the content they want to watch while staying current with the live event.

Project Lightning will not only keep current users informed and entertained, but it could also draw new users to Twitter.

This is because, when it finally goes live, the feature will appear within Twitter’s mobile apps and on Twitter.com where people will see it whether or not they are an active Twitter user or even logged into their account. To know more information on SEO Services visit Iftr2015hyd

Project Lightning will be embeddable within other websites making it particularly useful for news organizations. Will all of this be enough to bring in new users to Twitter’s slowing following?

Only time will tell and we will have to wait for the rollout later this year to know.

SMEs Losing Out By Ignoring The Benefits Of An Online Presence

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In this digital age, no matter what business structure you have and the industry your business belongs to, online presence plays an important part. With the myriad of tools you can use online such as the social media, blogging and podcasting, reaching your target market on a larger scale is easier.

However, some SME owners only focus on creating websites, thinking they are enough to build web presence. That said, they overlook the need for social media management in interacting with their audience and rely on basic digital marketing. If you think you have enough online presence but up to now has not been podcasting, think again. SEO Company in London visit Vivid SEO.

Here, we will discuss how podcasting can be beneficial to SMEs:


Podcasting is an online digital media tool that allows a business to build its personal brand and deliver targeted content to its audience worldwide. What makes it effective is that listeners can download audio archives and listen to a topic of their choice at the time that is convenient for them.

Moreover, unlike videos that require the audience to focus and spend time just to watch was is being shown, podcasts allow listeners to multitask which makes it more convenient. For business owners, they can get their messages across to consumers even in gyms, cars and virtually anywhere.


Starting a business podcast is easy even for someone who is not technologically savvy. By hiring a social media marketing team in Chester, you can have a team of professionals create and record your intro for you. For Web designing services in London visit RavisNY.

Also, compared to creating videos, you do not have to invest in cameras, lighting and talents to create a podcast, making it cost-effective.


Podcasting works like radio programming in the sense that you can add some personal touch to it and connect with your audience. What makes it better is the fact that you can talk about your products and services without sounding that you are selling to them.

Instead, you are there as a friend and that you can provide what they need. It also allows you to ask questions and start discussions with your listeners. Podcasts can be used for public relations, branding, image building, lead generation and customer relations.


Businesses with high-quality podcast content can captivate more listeners and allow for a deeper connection with the targeted audience. If listeners are happy with what they hear, they will be interested to learn more by visiting websites.

If you are into podcasting, you can use it to invite your audience to check out your website. Additionally, you can encourage them to sign up for your newsletter and let them know what to expect from your business.

Podcasting is starting to become an integral part of marketing which SME business owners should include in their game plans and take advantage of. To know more info on SEO Services check Seepennywork

Targeted podcasting, complemented with great marketing with the help of a London marketing agency in Cheshire can definitely give any SME leverage over its competitors.

The Project Management Steps To Run Every Project Perfectly

Vivid Digital Hyderabad

Project management is not without problems and issues that arise during the inception down to completion. Projects can go over budget, and fail to meet deadlines or deliver as expected. When a project fails to complete in time, it will become costly on paper. Multiply these many times over and what you get is the reality of a multi-project organisation.

While it is clear where the problems in multi-project management are coming from, the solutions that exist today are not enough to deal with the problem head-on. There seems to be a missing link. For Web development company in Hyderabad visit Vivid Design Consultancy.

There is a need for a much better system that is reliable and fast, allowing to complete more projects in less time. There are shortcomings even when the rules, measurements and behaviours required for the system are clear. It is often a miracle when an organisation manages to develop a structured way to run multiple projects despite limited resources.

But with the help of this book – “Uwe Techt Projects That Flow, More Projects in Less Time”, an organisation can complete more projects with less stress, highly motivated people, and more satisfied customers.

It starts with a detailed outline of the many problems that come with project management, followed by tips on how to identify conditions where multi-project organisations can work faster, more reliably and more efficiently.

But the best part is exploring the advantage of using field-tested and well-proven path of a successful multi-project management. The Transformation chapter of this book is dedicated to transforming your business into the future of multi-project management from its current reality. For Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad visit Vivid Digital  

Using the five phases of the change process, you will be able to handle multiple projects, minus the stress, problems and issues. Of course, you need to be ready to change the way you run things because transformation could mean accepting that there are issues that need to be resolved.

The change process involves:

1. Seeing the necessity for change

2. Getting a clear idea of your objective for change

3. Having assumptions that reaching the goal won’t be easy

4. Developing tactics to reach your objective

5. Taking caution seriously, and not ignore the things that should be taken into account

Don’t worry, it is understandable that transformation can be challenging. For one, you will have to deal and overcome resistance to change. This alone would require a different set of strategies.

This book provides different ideas for a smooth transition. In just five stages, you can turn a conventional multi-project organisation into a high-performance force to reckon with. This includes an implementation style that gets everyone involved.

The idea of Projects That Flow, after all, is to eliminate some of the biggest and most common mistakes in multi-project management, such as micromanagement and failure to delegate. To know more info on SEO Service visit Basna

Are you planning to take on multiple projects soon? Make sure to read Projects That Flow, More Projects in Less Time before you start the next phase. Do something different to achieve better results.

Successful Social Media Marketing Strategies


David Packard, of Hewlett-Packard fame, once said that marketing is too important to be left to the marketing people. For social media, that statement is as true as ever. When customers need assistance, they expect companies to offer it quickly through their social media channels.

If your company isn’t equipped to offer this assistance, you may be losing customers. Today’s successful brands are choosing to hire a social media team that is separate from their marketing team because a different approach is needed when dealing with the social media masses. For more details Visit SEO Agency London.

Sure, marketing does have a place on social media, but to be effective at handling customer service requests, a social media specific team or a social media management company must be used.

Social media teams can leverage the stages of the buying cycle, connecting the right employees with the right customers at the right time. Consumers’ needs change when they are in the prepurchase, purchase, and the postpurchase steps of buying. This means that different employees are more useful to customers at different stages.

How can a business owner create a social media specific team that can handle customer requests as soon as they are received?

Let’s take a look:

A. Develop a social care team that can address all areas of social information efficiently and effectively. To know more details on SEO Services check Ieso2013

B. Organise departmental responsibilities in the social care team. Be sure to define roles and responsibilities among marketing, customer service, public relations, sales, corporate communication, human resources, etc.

C. Assign specific employees from each department to social media tasks.

D. Set up social media accounts and give employees access to social media systems.

E. Create brand guidelines for standards, tone, and style of social media communication.

F. Define specific goals based on key performance indicators such as response time, sentiment analysis, engagement, views and shares, and other important metrics.

When companies implement a social media specific team well, the results can be very powerful leading to the success and growth of the company or brand. To learn more about social media marketing and creating a social media specific team, contact the digital marketing agency Chester business owners choose, Vivid SEO.